Xenia Marita Riebe - White Strangers

This is the main subject of this cycle of paintings named "White Strangers". It's hard being a stranger in in our human society. Mistrust and social hostility put a strain on the outsider. In addition to that they often cannot cope with their home sickness their losses and lack of hope. Their is a great fear of getting emotionally hurt. Men and women express their strangeness quite differently in these paintings. While deep emotions are expressed in the women's faces the men seem to be hidden behind a mask of aloofness and arrogance.
The figures in the paintings are white. This refers to the global context of the subject. In Central Europe most citizens associate strangers with dark colours as dark skin, dark eyes and black hair. They mostly are not aware of the fact that in most parts of the world light-skinned people are the minority, i.e, strangers.

Video by Bernd Riebe ©2008 bild-art.de