Global Citizen Project

Primary subject of the „Global Citizen Project“ is globalisation, most of all the effects of various aspects of this new rapid development. Globalisation substantially changes our lives. It’s already obvious that cultural diversity grown over milleniums will gradually merge with an almost uniform global culture.
Through this project the artist attempts to transform global society in its cultural variety by means of art. Thus the artist has formed 200 small lean figures (30cm) from material derived from national newspapers from all over the world, each figure representing one nation.
This project is the result of Xenia Marita's dealing with cultural and political topics in the course of the development of globalisation during the the last years - The opening of the Global Citizen Project exhibition with Michael Gorbachev and Xenia Marita Riebe was in June 2007 and took place in Moenchengladbach, Germany.

Video by Bernd Riebe ©2008